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Jody is a contemporary artist working and living in Kent. Since graduating from Central Saint Martin's in 2012 with a BA in Fine Art her area of interest has centred around the boundaries between fact and fiction, looking at notions of truth within accepted forms of documentation and the dilution of reality within the realms of social media.


Her latest work using oils takes its inspiration from the traditional still life genre without being true to 'Still-life".  The images are 'borrowed' and repurposed snapshots from social media platforms, which are adapted and manipulated into an imagined setting. There are no boundaries to the imagination and just because something is said, written or documented does not make it real! Art is the perfect medium to challenge and manipulate these trusted mediums and forms of documentation and maybe at times,  re-invent them!

On a personal level Jody divides her time equally between her family, her interests and renovating her Kentish Oast House - @Mad_About_the_Oast. The latter has taken up much of her time over the past three years, but with the many 'Oast' projects now finished (and some still ongoing) she is now dedicating some time to re-visiting her art practice. 


 Jody started her career as an abstract painter but developed her work through mixed media and video installation at CSM. She has, in the past few years taken time out to learn new skills as a silversmith and jeweller and dabbled with pottery for fun! Always seeking to learn, even within a medium she is familiar with, her new work engages with a genre of painting that is unfamiliar and follows a set of rules, skillsets and techniques that require time and practice to achieve.

So let the practice begin!


'Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist'  - Pablo Picasso

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