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 handmade contemporary JEWELLERY 

Unique handmade sustainable jewellery..


I make a range of affordable, unique jewellery that can be worn everyday and is beautifully original and handcrafted - perfectly imperfect in its design! Each individual piece is formed, fused, sanded and polished by hand using sustainable materials sourced from reputable suppliers within the UK. Every piece of jewellery tells it's own story through its creation and that makes it unique to you! Love what you wear, it is yours and yours alone.....

My work in Argentium Silver with accents of Gold Plated Vermeil are imbued with a gentle organic feel. There is an element of unpredictability in the process of making, which allows the jewellery to evolve.

Within the different collections, each individual piece is imagined and formed for you, giving you something that is completely yours...and no-one elses!





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